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What We Offer

  • Men’s Health treatments for low testosterone, infertility, and growth hormone optimization.
  • Performance Enhancement Protocol to help you achieve your fitness goals.
  • IV fluids for immune support, performance enhancement and overall well-being.
  • Medical Marijuana Certification Exams.
  • Weight Loss Programs.


Hormone replacement therapy.

We offer a full spectrum of hormone replacement therapy programs that counteract your declining hormone levels.

IV Hydration

We offer IV hydration to give you effective vitamins directly into the bloodstream. These infusions are effective and safe. 

Weight Loss

We offer medically safe and supervised weight loss programs. We have multiple treatment options available to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Peptide Therapy

We offer peptides  that are used for general wellness and immune support. This improves our bodies ability to fight off pathogens.

Medical Marijuana Certification Exams

Medical marijuana is legal in New York State with a certification from a provider that is certified to do so. Medical marijuana has been proven to be effective to treat multiple types of conditions.

What Is HRT?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is replacing and supplementing a mans hormones that are not optimized. Our goal is to manage symptoms and improve your quality of life. These include, but are not limited to, Testosterone, Growth Hormone, Thyroid hormone, and DHEA.

Who Is HRT For?

Any man who feels that their male sex hormones are not optimized for their body is a candidate for an evaluation! We treat more than just a lab value. The goal is to optimize your testosterone, growth hormone, thyroid, and dhea to help you live healthier

What is The Process Like?

Our focus is on the PREVENTION of the diseases associated with aging. In addition, a healthy lifestyle is important, including healthful eating and meaningful exercise. Along with strategic supplementation, bio-identical hormones are a key ingredient in your recipe for healthy aging.

1. Initiate the Call

Brief phone or video call to discuss symptoms and concerns. Lab work will be ordered unless sufficiant lab work has been been done recently. 

2. Consultation

Convenient Telemedicine or in Person consultation.

3. Deciding on a Treatment Plan

After the consultation, we’ll try to tailor the best treatment plan specifically designed for you and your body.

4. Medication

Medication gets delivered directly to you with everything needed for your therapy.

5. Follow up/Routine Management.

Our goal is to make everything as convenient as possible. Most of follow ups can be done via telemedicine.

Patrick Stracuzzi

About Me

Patrick Stracuzzi grew up in the Hudson Valley area and has a vested interest in improving the health of the community. He served in the Air National Guard for 6 years before graduating with his Master’s degree in Nursing. Patrick is married with two children and is living in West Hurley, NY.

There is a huge need for the services offered at Stracuzzi Wellness. Patrick Truly feels that Mens Health has been neglected. He also feels that his treatments are a great way to improve the health and wellness of the general population. His treatment protocols are safe, effective and affordable!

Office Location: 

339 Albany Ave, Kingston, NY 12401



Patrick Stracuzzi is the best !!! Highly recommend! He’s affordable and he’s stays in touch with his clients! Easy to talk too and will go above and beyond to get you what you need !

F. Ahmed

NP Stracuzzi is very knowledgeable and directly to the point. His knowledge of men’s health is on point. Through every step of my treatment he was there at all hours. Office is comfortable and easy to make appointments. Will and have referred him to many friends and family. Overall great experience.


I switched over my therapy to NP Stracuzzi, and so far he has been nothing but professional. His approach towards my treatment and health was second to none, I am finally starting to feel better! 


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