Hello ,

First of all, I want to thank all of the patients who have been loyal to the practice up until now. I have been very grateful to be involved in improving your quality of your life over these last few years.

The practice prides itself on quick and effective services , and most importantly, improving the quality of life in the patients we serve.

We have grown not only in volume, but also in patient complexity, all while maintaining our prices during this hard economic time.

In order to continue with our stellar service, we have expanded our staff to keep up with the volume. With that, we have had to implement some changes that are listed below.

First, the new patient intake process has changed. All new patients should be contacting as the primary method of new patient acquisition. will also be the fastest way to get in touch for tracking information for all shipments that come from the compound pharmacies.

We ask that you please limit phone calls to the office line and save those for more urgent matters. Direct messages to (845) 481-3165 will no longer be the way of getting in touch with your providers at the clinic for non urgent matters. If you need to get in contact with your provider, we ask that you use the patient portal. Through the portal, you will be able to direct message your provider for all clinical issues including refills. The providers check the portals often during business hours and once daily over the weekend.

If you are a current patient and are not set up with the patient portal, please email and instructions will be sent to you.

The office hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. If you have a clinical question, please contact your provider on the portal. Our receptionist is in the office M,T, W and F from 10am-3pm. She will be returning all other phone calls and messages during those hours.

If there is an issue or question that you feel is not suitable for the portal and needs a phone conversation, please contact our receptionist. I will now be making appointments for all follow ups.

As far as billing concerns, is also the primary mode of contact if you have any billing questions or need to update payment information. Our staff will gladly call you back if it is information that you do not wish to send via email.

Also, a friendly reminder to anyone that is on a monthly payment for hormones: Our optimization program for men and women is a monthly payment unless we’ve discussed otherwise. We send a three month supply upfront and charge monthly to eliminate the administrative burden and prevent the need for increasing our prices.

Most people are set up on a recurrent charge. As we have implemented and state in the consent forms that were sent to you via email: the medication supply must be paid off once it leaves the compound pharmacy. It is non-refundable.

Hormones are scheduled drugs and the providers cannot automatically send these medications without proper follow up. Therefore, we can not auto refill per regulation.

Lastly, with the holiday season, all of the pharmacies we work with are experiencing extreme delays. As a result, we request you give a 2 week notice for all refills of medications. You should expect a longer turn around time.

We are very grateful for all of the patients who have been loyal. As we continue to improve our practice and methods, our goal remains to keep our practice as personalized as possible.

Thank you so much!

Patrick Stracuzzi