HGH Optimization

Human Growth Hormone Optimization

As we age, human growth hormone (HGH) levels decline. This results in the inability to maintain lean muscle mass, decreased recovery times, poor sleep quality, weight gain and a variety of other “age related” problems. Stracuzzi Wellness specializes in the treatment of HGH insufficiency and growth hormone optimization with the use of growth hormone releasing peptides. 


These Human Growth Hormone Peptides are safe, affordable, and very effective! They help with many functions of the body including muscle repair, muscle building, sleep, joint pain, stubborn belly fat, and aging associated skin changes. These Growth Hormone peptides have muscle sparing properties. 

What is The Process Like?

Our focus is on the PREVENTION of the diseases associated with aging. In addition, a healthy lifestyle is important, including healthful eating and meaningful exercise. Along with strategic supplementation, bio-identical hormones are a key ingredient in your recipe for healthy aging.

1. Initiate the Call

Brief phone or video call to discuss symptoms and concerns. Lab work will be ordered unless sufficiant lab work has been been done recently. 

2. Consultation

Convenient Telemedicine or in Person consultation.

3. Deciding on a Treatment Plan

After the consultation, we’ll try to tailor the best treatment plan specifically designed for you and your body.

4. Medication

Medication gets delivered directly to you with everything needed for your therapy.

5. Follow up/Routine Management.

Our goal is to make everything as convenient as possible. Most of follow ups can be done via telemedicine.

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