Pharmacy Delays Affecting Weight Loss Patients

Good day to all the weight loss patients,

We are continuously grateful to be able to help with all of your wellness needs.

Due to the continuous delays with the pharmacy for semaglutide, we decided to switch pharmacies to Revive Rx.

Unfortunately, the prices have to be adjusted due to the increasing cost and demand for semaglutide. For a 7 mg vial of Semaglutide, it will be $250. For a 14 mg vial, we will give a discount for a price of $450 ($50 savings). The new pharmacy’s semaglutide does not contain levocarnitine. Patients will still have the option of using levocarnitine in addition to the semaglutide, but it will be a separate charge.

We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you so much!
Patrick Stracuzzi